NERO 90X60 [TLC]
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Nero 900×600

HS Nero Porcelain Paving

* Each piece precisely 20mm in thickness

* External grade – Suitable for changeable weather climate

* Frost resistant

* Resistant to salts, chemicals and stains

* Resistant to algae, mould & moss

* Anti Slip

* NON POROUS! – Therefore stain resistant

* No need to seal like most other paving

* Scratch resistant

* Very strong – load resistant – very long lasting

* ECO Sustainable

* Fire Proof

* Consistent colour from batch to batch

* Easy and quick to install – lighter than traditional paving slabs

* Can be laid on flat roofs / balconies / uneven surfaces with specialist load bearing feet

* Can be used on patios, paths, steps, swimming pools and driveways

* Can be used internally – perfect for “inside to out” projects

* Recommended fitting materials also supplied

* Porcelain paving is also known as Vitrified paving

Price is per m2 – £28.00 + VAT

(900 x 600 ONLY)

Call to find out more information. 01204 888555